GP-206 (2,2′- Diallylbisphenol A)



General Product Properties

CAS #: 1745-89-7
EC #: 217-121-1
Formula: C21H24O2
Formula Weight: 308.41 g/mol
Physical State: Liquid
Appearance: Viscous Amber liquid


Used for bismaleimide (BMI) modification, can reduce the cost of the application of BMI resin, improve the operability and manufacturability of BMI resin. Used to improve bismaleimide (BMI) resin toughness and heat resistance in manufacturing:
(1) high temperature resistant dipping paint of electrical insulating materials, copper clad laminates, laminate, moulded plastic.
(2) the wear-resisting material, diamond wheel, brake pads, high temperature resistant bearing adhesives.
(3) The aerospace structure materials.
(4) functional materials.
(5) conductive Epoxy Electronic Resins, improve heat-resistant and toughness,especially used for electronic resins.
(6) material of brake lining adhesive Adhesives, Binder Systems, Composites, Electronic Chemicals, Industrial Coatings, Laminates & basic-resin for Automotive friction materials(brake lining adhesive).
GP-206 (2,2-Diallyl Bisphenol-A) is extensively used for manufacturing various types of composites, adhesives & coatings.
GP-206 (2,2-diallyl bisphenol-A) is a kind of modified monomer for thermosetting resins which is mainly used in the modifying and toughening for bismaleimide resins, epoxy resins, phenolic resins etc., and it can enhance the toughness for thermosetting resins greatly. It also can be used as active diluent of thermosetting resins. The adhesion strength between metal can be further improved when used in rubber.


5 Gal Tight head UN Rated Epoxy Lined Steel Drum 20 Kg. Net.

Storage and handling guidelines

Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place, store at ambient Temperature.
Shelf-life: 2 years.

Regulatory Information

Reference: Cymer SDS GP-206


Minimum Maximum
% Purity by HPLC 84%
Appearance Viscous Amber Liquid

These figures are given as a guide. Full specifications available on request.


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