The success of our policy

  • 1. A dedicated team that works for you
  • 2. Performance you can rely on
  • 3. Communications you can rely on
  • 4. Partnerships that achieve success
  • 5. Diverse services customized for you
1. A dedicated team that works for you

Cymer’s strength rests in its people … a talented group of experts dedicated to leveraging their decades of experience as well as leading edge technologies to serve customers worldwide. The Cymer team brings together people with an array of expertise, skill and project management capabilities – all of whom work seamlessly together to provide an integrated performance dynamic to achieve their customers’ goals.

Let’s discuss about how we can put our versatile, innovative and experienced team to work for you.

2. Performance you can rely on

At Cymer, we only succeed when we surpass our customer’s expectations. We are proud of our long record of outstanding performance and exceptional customer support which is the source of our reputation.

We look forward to contributing our skills and expertise to ensure safe, reliable, high quality and best value operations, services and technologies for future operations.

3. Communications you can rely on

All communications with Cymer,LLC are confidential and can only be released back to the customer. The protection of sensitive technical or commercial information from disclosure is paramount at Cymer. The disclosure of customer derived information to a third party is prohibited by Cymer,LLC.

Customer support begins with Advance Product Quality Planning; when customer’s goals, requirements and expectations are defined.
Product Quality Planning is a structured method of defining and establishing the steps necessary to ensure that a product satisfies the customer. APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) involves 75% up front planning and 25% implementation through production, to determine customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Cymer’s Customer Policy requires a collaborative liaison that is maintained by Cymer from the production concept to delivery of the finished products.

APQP facilitates communication between Cymer and the customer to clarify requirements that translate into more detailed specifications. Basic communications and actives include:

  • Communicating special characteristics of product manufacturing activities to the process design activity, prior to design release.
  • Plan, acquire and install appropriate process equipment based on manufacturing requirements provided by the customer.
  • Collaborate with customers to communicate suggestions on better ways to manufacture a product prior to the completion of the process design of the product.
  • Technical Operation establishing adequate Quality Controls with the customer for features of a product or parameters of a process, which still risk adverse effects.
  • Performing Stability and Capability studies on special characteristics to understand the variation present and predict future performance.

The basics adhere to are:
1. Plan and Define
2. Product Design and Development
3. Process Design and Development
4. Product and Process Validation
5. Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Action
Cymer uses the APQP approach with our customers from the inception of manufacture to the delivery of the product.

All communications with Cymer,LLC are confidential and can only be released back to the customer. The protection of sensitive technical or commercial information from disclosure is paramount at Cymer. The disclosure of customer derived information to a third party is prohibited by Cymer,LLC.

Understand customer needs.

This is done using voice of the customer techniques to determine customer needs and using quality function deployment to organize those needs and translate them into product characteristics/requirements…

Proactive feedback & corrective action.

The advance quality planning process provides feedback from other similar projects with the objective of developing counter-measures on the current project. Other mechanisms with verification and validation, design reviews, analysis of customer feedback and warranty data also satisfy this objective…

Design within process capabilities.

This objective assumes that the company has brought processes under statistical control, has determined its process capability and has communicated it process capability to its development personnel. Once this is done, development personnel need to formally determine that critical or special characteristics are within our process capability or initiate action to improve the process or acquire more capable equipment. The customer is receives process capability assessment…

Analyze & mitigate failure modes.

This is done using techniques such as failure modes and effects analysis or anticipatory failure determination…

Verification & validation.

Design verification is testing to assure that the design outputs meet design input requirements. Design verification may include activities such as: design reviews, performing alternate calculations, understanding tests and demonstrations, and review of design documents before release. Validation is the process of ensuring that the product conforms to defined user needs, requirements, and/or specifications under defined operating conditions. Design validation is performed on the final product design with bench test that meet design intent. Production validation is performed on the final product design with pilots that meet design intent produced production processes intended for normal production…

Design reviews.

Design reviews are formal reviews conducted during the development of a product to assure that the requirements, concept, product or process satisfies the requirements of that stage of development, the issues are understood, the risks are being managed, and there is a good business case for development. Typical design reviews include: requirements review, concept/preliminary design review, final design review, and a production readiness/launch review…

Control special/critical characteristics.

Special/critical characteristics are identified through quality function deployment or other similar structured method. Once these characteristics are understood, and there is an assessment that the process is capable of meeting these characteristics (and their specifications), the process must be controlled. A Batch Record is prepared to indicate how this will be achieved. Batch Records provide a written description of systems used in minimizing product and process variation including equipment, equipment set-up, processing, tooling, fixtures, material, preventative maintenance and methods.

4. Partnerships that achieve success

Cymer custom chemical manufacturing services uses the cooperation and support of an integrated and multifaceted team that can work seamlessly across organizational, commercial and even international boundaries.

Our experience supporting custom chemical manufacturing customers has generated solid partnerships within the chemical industry. Our operational expertise makes us a desired partner for work in the custom chemical manufacturing sector. Whether it’s existing chemical processes or developmental projects that require working with multiple individuals, agencies and companies to integrate the design, assembly, testing and production of chemicals, Cymer’s record as a trustworthy, reliable, effective and efficient performer is unmatched.

The foundation for all partnerships is the relationships we develop and foster with our customers. The customer’s success is our primary objective, and that success is built on a deeply-rooted commitment, at all levels of the company, to safety, quality and success in all aspects of our work.

5. Diverse services customized for you

Chemical manufacturing operations require a broad spectrum of skills. Cymer offers expertise in the operability, sustainability and affordability of chemical manufacturing. Cymer possesses the innovative thinking required to adapt current and emerging technologies, and ultimately provide you with the services to meet your unique needs.


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