Innovation grounded in experience

Cymer routinely performs multi-step synthesis of exceptionally valuable & complex compounds.

Whether your needs call for a purely synthetic process or a semi-synthetic process, Cymer has the reliability, thoroughness, and experience to work with you on your chemical project.

Cymer procedures and scale-up pilots reduce side reactions and maximize yield.

Our experience gives us insight into the operability, sustainability and affordability of a chemical process while our diverse workforce creatively applies proven skills to pilot and commercial scale programs.

In reference to chemical reactors, as the core of a process, there is no “golden” rule and no straightforward procedure to achieve new product or process objectives.

Cymer can test the technologies that will be used on an industrial scale, which may deviate from ones employed in the laboratory, in order to point out those phenomena not present on the laboratory-scale.

Scale-up and pilot programs detect and balance the process for different apparatuses, different phases, impurities, aging of catalysts, corrosion, fouling, safety and environmental aspects.

Contact us today to find out how we may be able to help meet your goals in scale up and pilot plans.

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